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Digital signage and advertising has become the modern replacement for on premise promotional print advertising. Legacy costs to create and bring promotions to market often came with multiple mock up and slow to market transfers. This has all changed with emerging technologies.

Digital signage delivers top-of-mind messaging that’s proven to increase customer engagement and drive revenues while reducing the high costs associated with the production and distribution of printed and Point of Sale materials.

Its full-motion graphic and video content electrifies your brand with jaw-dropping visuals, which educates the consumer, and inspires a need, a want, or a desire to learn more about your business.

Today’s consumers are used to getting their information from a screen. Digital signage can reach your customer with a branded message that could include information about your latest product or service, your social media feeds, a variety of internet news or text tickers, as well as the time and weather.

digital signage solutions

With strategic positioning in your store or office it is highly effective visually. Managing your own content is easy to do for on the fly sales or promotions through your vendor channels that can easily be added or removed from your signage. TechPoint offers the full solution utilizing open source software that is free and easy to use.

TechPoint utilizes the free Android media signage software Xibo for an easy solution for store owners to manage their single or multiple locations using a central command center.

We offer a variety of signage kits:
  • Includes one: 36”, 48” or 52” advertising screen, mounting bracket, wireless media player /HDMI cable. One database server. Two hour introductory training session and onsite installation in Canada 
  • Additional player Kit:
    Includes one: 36”, 48” or 52” advertising screen, mounting bracket, wireless media player /HDMI cable and onsite Installation in Canada.

*Kits and onsite installation can be combined to reduce costs. Call today for more details.

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