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Our experience has proven that just as your vehicle requires maintenance to keep running at its best so does your computing equipment. Failure to maintain your systems is one of the leading causes of hardware and systems malfunction. Lost sales due to malfunctioning computers can add up to co$tly downtime.

TechPoint takes maintenance very seriously. Our customers rely on us to provide their business comprehensive managed services tailored to their business critical machines. We all know that things eventually break and need repair what we don't know is how much?! Even when its under manufacturers warranty there is still significant time and energy invested in getting things back to "normal".

Our existing relationships with most major POS software vendors brings a value added level of service your local guys don't have. Even if we haven't worked together in the past our experience brings a whole new level of comfort. Leverage your support with TechPoint's established relationships and the finger pointing between hardware and software problems is eliminated. Our maintenance plans take the unknown costs out of the equation and provide peace of mind at a fixed monthly fee built to fit your need and your budget. Whether you call once or a hundred times the price for your coverage does not change.

Lets face it, we don't buy a new vehicle every time our car breaks down. Get the most value as possible out of your computing environment with an effective long term plan to get the most out of your investment.

Which plan is best for you?

Platinum coverage:

No limits for onsite service calls, remote monitoring and troubleshooting, part replacement coverage, annual preventative maintenance (guaranteed service technician to assess equipment and preemptively address concerns before they happen). Rate savings for non-coverage support.

Gold Coverage:

No Limits for onsite service calls, remote troubleshooting, Annual Preventative Maintenance. Rate savings for non-coverage support.

Silver Coverage:

No Limits for onsite service calls, remote troubleshooting. Rate savings for non-coverage support.

Additional service options:

  • Extended Business hours from 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM - 365
  • 24X7X365 Service
  • Anti-virus monitoring and removal
  • Annual preventative maintenance
  • Parts Included (Spare parts planning and exchange)
  • Equipment pool exchange program
  • Equipment removal and eWaste management
  • Secure Data destruction services
  • Disaster planning and management
additional service options

Even more $$$ can be saved when:

  • Your equipment is within the manufacturers warranty period
  • You have multiple stores or work spaces for compound savings
  • Paying on regular proven schedules

Other Offers:

Experienced equipment sales:

Contact us for a list of refurbished equipment.

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