Is your laptop overheating?  One thing people rarely take into consideration is where they have them sitting.  In the majority of laptops, the fan to keep it cool is on the bottom. Keeping this in mind, placing your laptop on anything that blocks these vents will prevent the laptop from cooling down.  Laptops that over

Is your computer filling up with programs you don’t need or want? Many “free” programs can come with unwanted programs and toolbars.  When people just keep clicking next over and over through the installation process, without reading anything, they can end up with browsers covered in toolbars and bloatware.  Bloatware are programs that say they

Passwords.  Seems we all have a million different things that require passwords. The following are a few suggestions that will help keep your passwords secure. Use multiple words tied together with a number, capitalizing 1 or 2 letters in the password, and add a special character like @#$%^& (i.e. Peaches2fuZZy#). The longer the password and