TechPoint Tech Tip – Online Scams 04/25/17

 Are you bombarded with online scams on a daily basis?  From emails to webpages, there are numerous threats.  But, there are some simple tricks to help keep you safe.  One is to never click on a link in an email – copying and pasting, or typing it into your web browser yourself, is always the safest bet.  Just because it says one thing doesn’t mean it is. Many hackers use special links that send you to their webpage which will either give you a virus or look like the page you think you are going to, and then record your user name and password.  Another one to keep in mind is if you get a message blocking your screen saying “you have a virus, do not shut off your computer, call this number” don’t believe what it is telling you. If you can’t close it with ALT+F4 or task manager, shutting down your computer is your safest bet. Never give anyone remote access to your computer unless you know who they are.