Are your mobile devices protected?  More and more people are using their cell phone, tablet or similar device to do a lot of things they used to do on their computer, but they don’t take any precautions.  If you are using your cell phone for anything other than making calls, you should be taking precautions.  Make sure it is password locked and encrypted if possible. The more sensitive the work you do on your phone, the harder this password lock should be.  Make sure you have lock on idle set (the shorter the better).  Yes it can be a nuisance, but it is better than someone stealing your phone and emptying your bank account, or getting enough of your personal information that they can steal your identity.  Have an antivirus scanner if you surf the web a lot, because mobile devices can get a virus just like a PC.  Your mobile device is much easier for someone to get their hands on than your PC at home is, so be sure to take the extra precautions.


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