Working together makes your IT team stronger!

Expand your technology reach and depth! What an excellent concept, skilled technology experts when and where you need them without the overhead. Our customers, client IT departments, software teams and outsourcing partners have realized the savings by teaming up with TechPoint.
When your team cannot connect remotely and requires someone to physically troubleshoot the problem quickly, response can be a very valuable asset. Whether it is a server down, POS failure, router, connection problem, dead power supply or any other reason, having TechPoint hands and feet on the street can be a life saver. 

Utilizing TechPoint to manage single or multi-location organizations together as partners, brings a whole new level to peace of mind. Our client ‘s need for remote technical support, service management and second level staff is priority number one. With standard, advanced and 24/7 support levels available, we are ready to keep your computing devices and network infrastructure running smoothly.

There are advantages to being partners, the big one being cost. With TechPoint the $avings are quickly realized.

When you need us…Canada wide! 

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