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Smart, fast and efficient; outsourcing your onsite technical requirements makes your team stronger!

Expand your technology reach and depth. Partnering with TechPoint brings another layer of skilled technology expertise to your operation. Whether you are an internal IT team with need for a technician at your single or multi-point location. A software vendor looking to get the network infrastructure ready for your next installation. A managed service provider with need to reach your remote client locations or a technology vendor needing help, installing and servicing your innovations and products. Our skilled technology experts will help you with quick response, intelligent insight and valuable results, when and where you need them, without the overhead!

When there is urgency or a planned site touch, TechPoint as your outsourcing partner can be a life saver. Our team is experienced in rolling out or refreshing technologies. For office, retail, commercial, hospitality or any other business network.

When you need a site assessment for WAN, WLAN and LAN readiness, our technicians understand the network and technical service requirements to plan new and existing network. Our certified Ekahua technical team produces predictive, per-installation and post installation site surveys for the best wireless network results.

For ongoing service and support requirements, whether is a server down, POS failure, connectivity issue, or any other service need, we have the resources to fit your level of need. Talk with our sales team to explore how working together as partners will bring additional value to your existing IT service team and expand your service geography.

Keep costs down, utilizing your skilled techs in your IT department where they are the most effective. Minimize hotel, travel and living our expenses by utilizing our managed workforce, wherever you need us. coast to coast.

Imaging, strategic hardware placement, device pool repair and replace service, we do a lot more than just on-site and remote technical service. What services do you need? Let's talk about it.

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Save money: partner with TechPoint

Utilizing TechPoint to manage single or multi-location organizations together as partners, brings a whole new level to peace of mind. Our client 's need for remote technical support, service management and second level staff is priority number one.

With standard, advanced and 24/7 support levels available, we are ready to keep your computing devices and network infrastructure running smoothly.

There are advantages to being partners, the big one being cost. With TechPoint the $avings are quickly realized.

When you need us...Canada wide!


Contact sales@tech-point.ca for more information.

Who we are and what we do

Our skilled technical personnel and certified technicians provide remote support and on-site technical services to small and medium sized businesses, outsourcing talent to IT departments, Software Vendors, Distributors and Manufacturers. Computing services are primarily Point of Sale, networks, technical services and communication cabling. TechPoint additionally provides site surveys, installations, rollovers, uninstalls, secure certified data destruction and E-waste management.

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