The TechPoint Advantage

What is the TechPoint advantage?

What is the TechPoint Advantage?

We provide skilled technical staff for your new installations, upgrades or rollover projects as an extension of your own team.

Eliminate the time and frustration finding and managing multiple service organizations in remote areas - with one call 1-888-801-1777!

Project and resource management for items that require single and/or multi-point tasks

Competitive rates and comprehensive maintenance programs for your business's IT requirements

Centralized contact streamlines technical, sales and accounting communications through all channels

We understand your business, bringing experience and insight to your teams

Utilizing TechPoint brings peace of mind to managers and quick response to issues

Skilled project managers creating a game plan that fits your budget and schedule

We get IT done!

When to Use TechPoint.

When getting your own technical staff on-site in short order just isn't an option.

When your project requires multiple geographic location site touches.

When your computers, printers, routers and other highly critical devices fail - we are the smart hands onsite - FAST!

Losing a member of your team for days in the field instead of where they are most effective.

When ongoing reliable service and maintenance is required no matter where you are located.

When your team needs a professional field services partner to extend their IT reach.

Leverage the Advantage!

  • Bring your project to life!
  • Plan your rollout with confidence. We are ready!
  • Do you want reliable, cost effective service, IT support and ongoing maintenance schedules? Look no further!

Our team delivers quality, value and excellence. The question is not "Why should we choose TechPoint?" the question is really "Why haven't we been using TechPoint?!" Take hold of the Advantage!

Contact us to find out more; phone 1-888-801-1777 or email

Our IT support resources are your solution

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