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Ekahau Wireless Site Surveys

TechPoint now has the ability to perform Ekahau site surveys and create accurate plans for Wi-Fi networks of any size. This service is available across Canada and the USA.

  • Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi Planning: TechPoint will create accurate 3D plans, built to your unique requirements, taking into account wall and floor materials, antenna direction, and much more.
  • Accuracy: TechPoint can provide exactly the right amount of access points you need, and find where they need to be placed for a high-performing Wi-Fi network.
  • Upgrades: TechPoint can improve existing WiFi networks. By deploying Ekahau in-house to design, optimize and validate the customers’ wireless network.

To request a site survey, call us on 1.888.801.1777, email us at sales@tech-point.ca, or use the form on this page to request an appointment.

Benefits of a thorough WiFi site survey by TechPoint Inc.

  • Keep the cost of your network down, whether in maintenance-time, fixing issues, or in designing a network that is designed specifically for your business and budget.
  • WiFi site surveys include a new and improved network design, saving you from a design that may not best suit your requirements and could waste your budget.
  • Maximum coverage guarantees can only be given if an expert survey is carried out. Site surveys make sure your APs are optimally placed to deliver coverage where you need it.
  • Reduce service ‘dead points’ that slow productivity.
  • Boost efficiency through improved workflow and increased capacity, coverage and speed.
  • Increase customer retention and return visits through seamless and customized digital experiences.

TechPoint uses the right network site survey tools. The results of a site survey that is well-designed and well-executed are:

  • Healthy network coverage.
  • Ample capacity for the devices on your network.
  • Effortless roaming.

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    Other Benefits of Wireless Site Surveys

    • Get accurate and timely information on the number of access points you need.
    • Find the best locations for those access points.
    • Get detailed coverage maps and data rates.
    • Identify and find sources of network interference or ‘rogue’ access points.
    • Plan for additions to the physical infrastructure, such as a room additions, a new building, or even an entire new campus.
    • Offer outdoor coverage for workers, students, guests, and other situations.
    • Learn where gaps in your wireless network coverage lie so that you can remedy them.
    • Find and classify other networks in the general vicinity - along with their channel usage - to alleviate any security or interference issues that could be hindering your network performance.
    Beat the Wi Fi competition with Ekahau Sidekick and Analyzer.
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