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Wireless networks have become a critical part of our society. When the Wi-Fi is down, productivity can be immediately impacted. The results can have severe and long-lasting impacts. From loss of connectivity for business-critical machines, lost revenue and overall unhappy users.

Being connected is no longer a nicety: it is a must.

As a professional networks and technical services provider, we have invested in the worlds most sought after, cutting edge Ekahau wireless technology products to survey, design and implement solid and world class High Performing Wi-Fi networks.

Our licensed and certified ECSE engineers are here to help you with your wireless project planning or issues. No matter where you are in Canada.

Whether your project is a bottom-up brand-new wireless network, updating older network technology or maintaining / troubleshooting wireless issues, our expertise is just what you need.

TechPoint provides the on location wireless expertise to some of the worlds most recognized brands, building out wireless networks in the hospitality, retail, warehouse and production, institutional, multi-family development, and government sectors.

With over 25+ major projects under our belt, our team is ready.

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    If the situation is urgent, please call us immediately on 1-888-801-1777.

    Service & Support

    • Wireless connectivity issues?
    • Spotty coverage?
    • Unhappy customers or employees who cannot reliably connect, or experience latent responses?

    These issues can be resolved using our world class Ekahua and sidekick. We can help map your RF signals and recommend a strategy to eliminate the issues and clearly identify where and how to resolve wireless issues.

    Whether you are a small business owner in the hospitality space or a IT team looking for a partner to assist your team in the field. Our certified Ekahau Certified Systems Engineers (ECSE) and experienced wireless field staff are here to help.

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