WiFi network best practices

The latest hardware makes it easy for anyone to setup and share their own WiFi network to colleagues, family, friends, and guests, but setting up a network ‘out-of-the-box’ is not always the most efficient and is certainly not the most secure way of configuring a WiFi network. Here we’ll give you a few best practices to keep you and your systems safe and connected.

Beat the heat with TechPoint preventative maintenance

With summer heatwave temperatures rising and staying high, now is a great time to get your computer equipment serviced. Failure to maintain your systems is one of the leading causes of hardware and systems malfunction, and in the case of blocked cooling ducts and obstructed fans, could result in critical system failures, leading to serious business losses.

Spring TechPoint tune-up

Call TechPoint to schedule an on-site visit to inspect your POS and all office equipment devices. This inspection ensures your business that your equipment will perform as designed, as well as find and correct possible device malfunctions. TechPoint will also provide some general cleaning to the devices where the device is in jeopardy of failure if not maintained.