About TechPoint

About TechPoint

Who We Are

Delivering excellence in service.

This is what TechPoint strives for since 2006. Our goal is to ensure our customers stores, offices, warehouses, pharmacies, hotels, entertainment venues and users stay connected, selling, and working at optimum.

Headquartered in Salmon Arm, BC, TechPoint’s private network of technical resources has grown and evolved, bringing experience and expertise into remote communities, major city centers and everywhere in between. Through strategic organic growth, we have built a strong technical reach throughout Canada and into the United States. We believe in working smarter, more efficient, and consolidating the experts to bring a plan together.

It does not matter the size of our customers business. Every customer is important to us. We believe in long term relationships, being there when it matters most. Bringing a human touch to technology, working together for a common cause. We believe in teamwork. Our goal is reliability, accountability, insight, and the right skills to compliment our clients working environments.

Our core values do not end there. We uphold honesty, integrity, and a professional approach, always. This is infused into our corporate culture. Teamwork, dedication, and attention to detail.

Excellence. This is who we are.

What We Do

Recognized for our commitment to quality and excellence, some of the most successful and innovative Canadian and US corporations rely on our dependable expertise. We bring value beyond the dollar to our clients. Our intimate knowledge of Canada’s geography and the people in each region helps us to be the most effective for our clients.

Strategic insight helps our clients make good decisions based on local factors to their service location. We are a well-oiled service machine, in tune with our client’s specific processes and policies. We provide the smart hands, eyes, ears, and brains everywhere in Canada, Alaska and throughout the USA. At TechPoint we are committed to quality and excellence in service, response, and communication.

Industries Serviced by TechPoint

TechPoint Network and Computer Solutions Liquor & Cannabis

liquor stores

TechPoint Network and Computer Solutions Entertainment


TechPoint Network and Computer Solutions Hospitality

TechPoint Network and Computer Solutions Pharmacies


TechPoint Network and Computer Solutions Food & Beverage


TechPoint Network and Computer Solutions Professional


TechPoint Network and Computer Solutions Wholesale Warehouse


TechPoint Network and Computer Solutions Retail

Gas stations

TechPoint Network and Computer Solutions Insurance


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