eWaste management and recycling

eWaste management and secure data destruction

eWaste Management

TechPoint's eWaste management and secure data destruction program is a unique and cost effective way your business can contribute to care for the environment. Ensuring that your old hardware and sensitive data is handled and destroyed with the utmost, cost effective care, all data storage media removed by TechPoint is tracked and systematically handled for recycling and certified data destruction processing.

TechPoint, in harmony with the needs of the customer and the environment, will schedule, pick-up, transport and securely handle all sensitive ewaste - devices and media - contributing to a greener future.

Our secure certified data destruction processing provides our clients with the peace of mind that the equipment and data have been handled in a secure and responsible way.

Recycling and data sanitization from ewaste is an important part of today’s corporate citizenship in the digital age. Sensitive information in the wrong hands can be disastrous for companies, both legally and to brand image.

TechPoint takes all these difficulties out of the equation. We remove, ship, sort, list and recycle end-of-life and re-saleable devices.

In some cases we provide a credit for re-usable devices, offsetting the costs involved with labour to provide these services. This leaves you with a cost effective way of disposing unwanted equipment, safely.

Not all equipment picked up is eligible for credit. Equipment picked up is determined by age, condition and demand prior to value.


Data Sanitization and Certification of eWaste

Our customers count on us to eliminate the potential liability issues surrounding the critical and sensitive data stored on the equipment we process. We follow a comprehensive process to ensure that all data is removed and destroyed before it is reused or recycled.

Each form of media (HDD’s, tapes, disks, SSD’s) recovered from our clients for secure data sanitization is processed and certified within our organization and a certificate is provided to our customer.

Secure Data Sanitization

Complete ewaste data destruction, handling and confidentiality via DOD standards

HDD's re-purposed / recycled

Assessed for integrity and health using cutting-edge inspection and manufacturer specific software. All failing HDDs are recycled, and their corresponding serial numbers are documented. HDDs that pass inspection and have been securely wiped using 3-pass or 7-pass over-write protocols designed by the Department of Defense (DOD) are re-purposed for use.

A Certificate of Destruction (COD)

Issued to the customer or vendor detailing the method of destruction, the corresponding system, work order number and the location from which it originated.

Hardware Consignment

We have extended our industry reach to our customers looking for a market for their used equipment.

Consignment: Some companies opt to sell their used equipment privately and often find that the efforts to do so are laborious and slow. Equipment will generally lose considerable re-sale value and finding the right market is difficult. In addition buyers require the hardware to be refurbished and cleaned before they buy. This all takes time and money. Often the buyer expects a warranty or if problems occur will seek support or a return. The good news is TechPoint has a market for your hard to sell or outdated equipment.

The TechPoint recycle process

TechPoint believes in the responsible use of our environment and the future of the planet. Wasteful and irresponsible disposal goes against our core values as a corporate citizen. That’s why we utilize and harvest as many re-usable parts as possible for relevant technologies.

As a registered member of EPRA since 2007, legacy hardware is recycled following government guidelines and best practices. Every single part, component and product is assessed for purpose or is responsibly recycled.


Asset Recovery

Items are removed from site, transported, identified, inventoried, tested, valued, refurbished, recycled or resold

Asset Disposal

Whether recycling or refining, your items will be properly disposed

Parts Harvesting

Avoid costly disposal and extend the utility of legacy systems

Recycling: Once TechPoint determines that a used item we received is best disposed of via recycling, we ensure all processes dealing with electronics are followed according to environmental government guidelines that include four basic materials:


Essentially anything with a circuit board, also known as eWaste


High and low-density polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene


Ferrous (iron and steel) and nonferrous (aluminum, copper, tin and brass)

Corrugated materials

OCC and other commonly used packaging materials

Our registered recycling partners ensure our high standard of environmental responsibility is maintained. Along the way, we ensure complete data security in compliance with provincial and federal environmental protection agencies (EPAs) to minimize the environmental impact.

At TechPoint, extending the life of the assets we receive helps reduce the eWaste introduced into our environment, a process known as Asset Recovery. This process is guided by four key steps: receiving, auditing, data destruction (when applicable) and reporting.


Assets are received by our staff. They are identified and organized by work order and end user. All receiving information is then recorded.


The make, model and serial number of each item is recorded, including work order and site ID, carrier tracking numbers and reception date. At this time, all equipment is inspected and graded.

Data destruction

We inspect the physical vitality of all hard drives (HDDs) HDD’s that are accessible undergo the Data Sanitization process and certified. Inaccessible or damaged HDD’s are disassembled and destroyed. The data on HDDs that pass is wiped clean using Department of Defense (DoD) standards.


We issue a Certificate of Destruction (COD) for every order requiring Data Sanitization. A detailed closing audit reports all work included and verifies the data erasure/destruction process.

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