digital signage solutions

Digital signage & advertising is the modern solution for on-premise advertising and promotion, doing away with the costly drafting & rollout of printed material, and is highly effective with strategic positioning in your store or office. Managing your own content is easy to do for on the fly sales or promotions through your vendor channels that can easily be added or removed from your signage. TechPoint offers the full solution utilizing software best suited to your project.

digital signage solutions

Deliver on-point dynamic messaging with digital signage Digital advertising has become the modern replacement for on-premise promotional print signage. Projects to create and bring promotions to market often came with multiple mock-ups, high budgets, and slow-to-market transfers. This has all changed with new dynamic digital technologies. Digital signage delivers on-point messaging that’s proven to increase

support technician coverage in Canada and the USA

With skilled and experienced technicians in coverage areas all across Canada and the United States, TechPoint has the computer and infrastructure support you need, where you need it. We have support personnel across all provinces, territories, and states, for both on-site technical services and remote support. Take a look at the Coverage page on the

on-site technical services

TechPoint’s private IT technical network consists of hundreds of skilled technicians throughout Canada. Our team is on standby to provide a speedy, efficient response, and has the technical know-how to meet your needs, whenever and wherever you need it. We work diligently to keep your stores, branches and offices connected and working at their optimum,