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Whatever your business is, however large it is, and where ever your specialization lies, one way or another, at some point, you'll be relying on some kind of technology. And technology can take many forms, from your bulk-standard office computer, specialized graphics workstation, mobile payment device, and point of sale system, to your network hardware, cabling and WiFi, telecoms equipment, phones, tablets, and more. And as diverse as all of these items are, they all have one thing in common; they all run computer code. Each has an operating system, run's software, and processes data, and because of that, they all need the support of skilled technicians at some stage.

And when you need that support, TechPoint's skilled and certified technicians are only a phone call away, where ever you are in North America.

Technician Coverage Areas

We have support personnel across all provinces, territories, and states, with fast access to on-site and remote support options. Take a look at the Coverage page on the TechPoint website - it contains a map and listings by region so you can check if we have technicians located close to you.

Please note that appropriate COVID-19 protocols are in place, so there’s no need to worry, even if there isn't an agent in your area.

Need Tech Support Now?

If you have computer or network problems and you need a service technician right away, give us a call or send us a message! Once your request has been confirmed, a technician suited to your requirements will be in touch with you to discuss the issue.

With a focus on single and multi-location businesses, our clients include some of North America’s most innovative and successful corporations. Health & wellness, entertainment, hospitality and automotive are just a sample of the industries that rely on our expertise.

Built on sound, ethical best practices and solid business strategies, TechPoint is a professional and dedicated organization, committed to quality, excellence in service, response, and communication.

Contact us and find out more.

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