COVID-19 and remote working

Keeping our customers and our team safe and functioning.

TechPoint at this time has determined to continue providing services for our customers. We are following and monitoring the quickly changing circumstances as per guidelines provided by Canada’s Public Health Agency, the Centre for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and other global and provincial health agencies.

TechPoint technical teams incorporate the following safety procedures:

  • Arrive healthy and mindful of your safety
  • Wash hands frequently, when arriving on-site, during the visit, and after leaving a site
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer
  • Wear disposable latex gloves
  • Avoid greetings that make contact
  • Stay the proper 2-meter distance away 
  • Notify TechPoint and exercise self-isolation for 14 days if contact is made with the virus

Do you need help with your remote office setup?

TechPoint’s proven and reliable VoIP cloud-based solution will quickly connect your remote users in a unified way. A purely Canadian solution! We are there for companies during this unprecedented time. Everyone will need to lean more on technology over the coming months, and TechPoint is there to help!

Complete the form to the right and we will help you and your business take advantage of this low-cost solution. Keeping your business, teams and customers connected and productive. Improve your business’s phone and remote connectivity solutions, contact us for immediate results.

If the situation is urgent, call us immediately on 1-888-801-1777.

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