Enterprise IT infrastructure

High-Level Business Development for Your Organization

TechPoint is all about business growth. Just as small-to-medium-sized companies need a solid but extensible IT infrastructure, enterprise-level organizations need an even greater portfolio of platforms, tools, and processes to keep their vast user and asset bases moving forward. This is where Enterprise Systems (ES) come in.

Enterprise Systems are large-scale applications, or groups of applications, that allow complex organizations to run enterprise-level software that supports:

  • Business processes
  • Information workflows
  • Corporate and department reporting
  • Data analytics

In contrast to standard IT services, enterprise level services are built to manage enterprise-wide solutions, rather than at an individual or departmental-level. These applications include packages for managing how the entire organizations works and grows, automation of company processes, storage and management of enterprise data, and development of bespoke software for the organization.

Types of enterprise software include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Data Warehousing
  • Enterprise Asset Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Planning
  • Networking and Information Security

If you are the type of organization that uses or needs these services, then get in touch. TechPoint can help you choose the right applications to fit your requirements and future-proof your enterprise.

Talk to us; we can help you develop and grow!

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