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Why Use TechPoint?

Using TechPoint to compliment your in-house IT team to manage your company’s single or multiple locations can bring a whole new level to your peace of mind. Our client’s need for on-site and remote technical support, service management and second level staff is priority number one.

There are huge advantages to being a TechPoint partner; the big one of course is value. With TechPoint, the savings can be quickly realized; however, beyond the savings is the value of excellence in communication, preparedness and commitment to seeing things through. By utilizing TechPoint you will find that there is much more value than just dollars:

  • When you have out-of-hours issues, and getting your own personnel on-site in short order just isn’t an option
  • When your critical systems fail, and you need instant response and minimal downtime
  • When you have new installations, large projects or upgrades, or migrations and your staff need additional resources
  • When you lack the staff to cover and backup all of your locations and systems
  • When you need experienced and knowledgeable service or support

With standard, advanced and 24/7 support levels available, we are poised to keep your computers, servers, and network devices / infrastructure running smoothly.

When you need us, we’re there for you… North America wide!

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