Shuswap Kindnessa Rocks

Inspiring others through small acts of kindness!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if someone left a painted kindness rock somewhere in the Shuswap for someone else to find? If you’ve found a rock around the Shuswap, visit this Facebook page, and please post a picture of the rock that you’ve found. We know that the artist would enjoy knowing that you found and appreciate her work of art!

Shuswap Kindness Rocks
Shuswap Kindness Rocks
Salmon Arm Chamber and Techpoint

Feel free to keep the rock, or re-hide it in a new place for some one else to find and enjoy.

And if you wish, paint a rock or two yourselves, and hide them for others to find. Or just keep your eyes open when you are out and about in the Shuswap, and who knows where you could find a rock.

You can paint words of encouragement, fun designs, animals, landscape scenes, or whatever your heart desires, etc. on rocks and hide them in various places around the Shuswap.

And why not share your rocks with TechPoint too!

Shuswap Kindness Rocks with Salmon Arm Chamber and Techpoint

Salmon Arm Chamber Supports Shuswap Kindness!

TechPoint networks and technical services. Supporting Shuswap Kindness Rocks.

Chamber Member and Proud Sponsor

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