TechPoint structured cabling solutions

Structured Cabling Solutions for Your Growing Business

Clients who choose TechPoint have come to realize the high-quality structured cabling solutions we provide. Our solutions effectively integrate voice, data, video and security. We bring the highest degree of reliability, security and a flexibility which is adaptable and scale-able to grow with your changing needs. We structure our cable planning to forecast your present needs and prepare your business for the technologies of tomorrow.

TechPoint specifically specializes in Category 5e and Category 6 networks for your data and telco requirements.

Cable Solutions

Our customer’s need for cabling comes in many forms:

  • New stores, offices, and business relocations
  • Building onto existing computer and telephone networks
  • Improving and upgrading from existing legacy networks and cabling

Whatever your requirement, communication is vital. Reliable, effective and versatile networks are no longer considered a luxury; they are an integral part of 21st century business requirements. From the smallest start-ups to the largest corporations, integrated communication systems have changed the way we work.

We know how stressful it is to manage multiple vendors when you’re working within a tight timeline and budget. As part of our value-added service, we ensure you get the right people for the job. Take advantage of our experienced technical expertise.

Trust TechPoint to install your structured cabling and telco network. Once we have your wiring in place we have the means to move or install your technology at the same time! One stop; done! If you need just one connection, or if you require thousands, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure your installation is carried out to industry specifications.

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