Compliment your IT team with TechPoint

Why use TechPoint?

TechPoint’s skilled workforce is available for your business when you need them most. When getting your own personnel on-site in short order isn’t an option, TechPoint can be there. When your computers, printers, and networks fail, we can be there – fast. And to minimize those emergencies, we’ll regularly maintain, service, and backup all your critical business systems. Giving your business an advantage.

So what is the TechPoint Advantage?

The TechPoint Advantage provides you with:

  • Skilled technical resources for your new installations, upgrades or rollover projects as an extension of your own team
  • Project and resource management for items that require single and/or multi-point tasks
  • Skilled project managers to create a game plan that fits your budget and schedule

TechPoint Computing Resources Inc. operates nationally as a Managed Services Provider. With hundreds of qualified technicians strategically placed throughout North America, we are poised to give you the advantage in business. 

Eliminate the time and frustration finding and managing multiple service organizations, sometimes in remote areas – with one call 1-888-801-1777. And with competitive rates, centralized contact, and a deep understanding of your business, TechPoint brings peace of mind to your managers and team leaders.

Get the TechPoint Advantage; we’ll get IT done for you!

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