Installation, Upgrade, and Break Fix Services

Hardware Maintenance and Break / Fix Programs

Computer and network equipment needs regular maintenance to stay error free, efficient, and functional, as does any system, especially if it’s business critical. And failure to maintain hardware and software is one of the top contributors to downtime, which can be very costly to businesses. That’s why we run a variety of maintenance programs, affordable for your business.

And our relationships with many major software vendors brings an added level of service that many support companies don’t have. This means that with TechPoint’s support programs, there’s no finger-pointing; we just get the job done!

Get the most value out of your equipment with an effective long term plan. Our hardware maintenance and break/fix computer repair plans take the unknown costs out of the equation and provide peace of mind at a fixed monthly fee built to fit your need and your budget. Whether you call once or a hundred times the price for your coverage does not change.

Why use TechPoint computer maintenance services?

  • We offer coverage for some, or all of your IT equipment
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting for your networks, servers, and PCs
  • Get annual preventative maintenance for your computers and network
  • Onsite service calls are available, if and when you need them
  • TechPoint plans are designed to fit your business – and your budget – for a fixed monthly cost
  • Additional service options are available to customize your plan

System Installations, Migrations, and Upgrades

For a successful project, TechPoint can help

As well as our monthly maintenance plans, our skilled and experienced technicians and engineers are also available for larger projects, like point of sale solutions, system upgrades, server migrations, network cabling installations, and major system changes. Whatever the size and scope of your project, TechPoint’s staff and resources are there for you to ensure the success of your project.

System Installations

With detailed project planning, management and rapid on-site service, TechPoint can ensure the successful installation or rollover deployment or your IT projects. Big or small, single-location or multi-store, we’re there to help your business develop and grow.


Migrating your systems to a brand-new platform or location can be stressful and expensive. By using TechPoint’s experienced technicians, we can make the whole operation much smoother and less stressful. With on-site support, we can help you with system implementation, migration, and integration. And after completion, we’re there to help support you, 24/7.

Upgrade installation, system changes, additions, and refreshes.

IT systems require maintenance, just like your car, so we’ll always be there on-hand to help you. We can support and upgrade your infrastructure, operating systems (including Windows, Linux, and Unix), computer software and hardware, and make any changes for you, keeping your systems efficient, up-to-date, and secure. And our computer hardware resources include a range of refurbished computers and parts, as well as new hardware from our recommended vendors.

Contact TechPoint for more info on our programs and plans, and you can also message us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for additional information.

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